Slouch socks are back! (but did they ever really go away?)

Posted by The team on Jan 25th 2021

Slouch socks are back! (but did they ever really go away?)

red slouch socksHistory of the Slouch Sock (Colours and Styles)

Slouch socks were types of socks that were a popular fashion item in the 80s among women, men, children, and teens alike. Historically, they came from the Western world but have also become popular in Eastern countries. They are practically made of thin fabric, which allows and encourages layering. They feature a heavy, non-elastic upper that can either be pulled up to the knee or pushed down into heavy folds around the ankles. These socks have mainly two basic varieties:

1. Flat-knit slouch socks

These types of socks have no elastic of their own and also have a knitting pattern, which is referred to as a "two by two" pattern. The term "flat-knit" indicates that the socks' ribbing has a bit of a squared-off appearance.

2. Rib-knit slouch socks

As the name suggests, these socks are named such because of their rounded ribbing. Waitresses usually wear these styles of slouch socks at well-known restaurants such as Wing House and Hooters.

Those looking for socks to wear with leggings should consider slouch socks like the ones for them. Many teens and women wear these over their leggings, with dresses, and with sweat-pants. They can give off a smart and casual look when worn with turtle necks or over-sized shirts. In the mid-90s, these types of socks were worn by Cheerleaders as a part of their uniform. They can also be worn with boots and look good with outfits that accentuate the legs. Some strange fashion magazines and websites even pair these socks with heels, although this is certainly not the best idea. These socks were also worn in a layered manner by men. They were, thus, commonly seen and found in many basketball courts back in the day.

These socks come in all kinds of fabrics. Some of the good ones that are in demand are listed below:

● Cashmere

● Cotton

● Polyester

● Wool

● Fleece

grey slouch socks 1900 slouch socks

Slouch socks were a classic fashion statement, and an important part of the vintage fashion found back in the day. Although the origin of these socks can be seen as early as the 1910s, with long striped socks being the precursor to these specific ones, as mentioned earlier, it was in the 80s when slouch socks really came to fruition. These socks were then worn by people for everyday wear and by sportsmen and sportswomen alike. For men, they were also part of their body-building fashion and were worn with patterned and multi-colored sweatpants. So their popularity was not simply in one realm of life. They also eventually became popular among the elderly, who began wearing them to stay warm around winter time, with skirts and long dresses.

Slouch socks are now coming back in fashion and gaining popularity in today's day and age as well, especially in Cosplay and Manga culture. The Japanese have also come up with a kind of sock known as "loose socks," which are an exaggerated form of the slouch sock, with extremely ribbed upper ranges. So they seem to be inspiring newer fashion trends worldwide as well. Well, as the above information indicates, these socks have been trendy socks in the past and are now coming back into the fashion trend. From the more basic sock colours, that is, white, brown, black, to more funky colours: purple, blue, yellow, or green, slouch socks look good in all kinds of colours. So decide what kind you want and pair them up with your favourite outfit to get warm and cozy this winter!