Sublimity® Workout Slouch Socks - 6 Pair Bulk Pack, Multiple Colors

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Sublimity® Slouch Socks_6 Pair Bulk Pack

For the seriously slouchy.

Sublimity® Slouch Socks are awesomely soft, slouchy and stylish. They pair great with leggings for workouts, yoga, or simply being a couch potato. Scunch down or wear them up. It's up to you. Just be slouchy!

6 Pairs | Size 9-11 | Proudly made in the USA


A high-quality Cotton blend made of Cotton, Polyester/Nylon and Spandex. These can be used as women’s and men’s socks. Soft, durable and breathable construction and moisture control fibers keep feet warm and dry. No itching or irritation, even in shoes, with our comfort seam toe. Extra reinforced heel and terry cushioning add support and comfort where you need it most. Can be machine washed for easy care. American Made cotton blend heavy slouch socks are soft, warm, and comfortable.

Made of American grown cotton, Sublimity® slouch socks for women have the perfect amount of stretch to stay up all day without cutting off circulation or can be worn "Slouched" Down for the look and style you want. This makes them a great sock for people with diabetes and other circulation concerns as well. Choose from a variety of colors and styles that fit your choice. Our breathable, moisture-control fabric combines the comfort of cotton and the moisture-wicking properties of polyester and nylon to help maintain the perfect temperature to help keep feet warm but dry. These socks are constructed for comfort, with an extra reinforced heel, comfort seam toe and terry cushioning. Also wear great as boot socks. Your feet will thank you. Buy your 6-pair bulk pack today. Do you. Be Slouchy!

Brand: Sublimity® Slouch socks for girls
Length: Crew
Material: Cotton 
Material content specs: Cotton Blend
Application: Great for the gym, workouts, exercises, free time, dance, extreme lounging etc.