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Why Slouch Socks are the Best Winter Sock

Posted by Admin on Dec 7th 2022

Why Slouch Socks are the Best Winter Sock

The trends of fashion keep changing faster than the seasons. Something that was super hip in the 1980s can come back up to be extremely popular even in 2022. Take slouch socks for instance. This particular accessory was part of the ever so famous retro era of fashion. Making a comeback again owing to their funky style and extreme practicality particularly in the winter season, slouch socks are truly an invention for the greats. Not only can they be paired with practically anything from shorts to skirts to pants to everything, this item of clothing makes for the warmest socks.

Wondering what’s so great about the slouch sock and why they’re the best winter sock? Stay with me and we’ll get into the details of everything so no stone is left unturned and you can finally make a worthwhile addition to your winter wardrobe that keeps those feet cozy.

The history of the slouch sock

The ever so famous slouch socks came into existence in the 80s and have truly stood the test of time. They were extremely popular at that time in terms of fashion and were adored by men, women and children alike which speaks volumes in terms of their versatility as well. They quickly became famous in the West and then the East too due to their ever-growing popularity and use. Not only are they easy to style and versatile enough to cater to everyone’s fashion needs but they are also supremely practical and truly the coziest socks for winters.

What essentially is a slouch sock?

Slouch socks come in a couple of different types and are crafted using a soft, cozy fabric such as cotton. They come in either a thin model that is intended to be layered, or a big, heavy sock designed to give the ultimate in comfort and warmth.These socks truly have it all. They feature a non-elastic upper part that can either be pulled up to the knee for style and coverage or can even be scrunched up (“slouched down”) on the bottom closer to the foot for a cozy feel. The ideal amalgam of comfort, style and practicality, these socks are the best winter socks for women, children and even men.

The two main types of slouch socks?

The slouch sock can be divided into two main basic variants.

The flat knit variety

This variant of the slouch sock is the thin, non-cushioned version, designed to be layered to achieve a stylish color combination that wows and delights.

The heavy, cushioned rib knit variety

This type is given its name owing to its heavier, rounded ribbing appearance and the extra cushioning in the foot. It is popularly worn by waitresses at famous restaurants.

Why slouch socks are the best winter socks for women and men

A slouch sock pair not only makes for the best winter sock but it is extremely versatile and diverse in terms of fashion and styling as well. We all know what a nuisance it is to keep your feet warm in your boots on snow cold days. These are the warmest socks and the ultimate solution to this problem as they are ideal for layering and ensure your feet stay cozy at all times whether indoors or outdoors. Moreover, they’re available in various weight options according to your preference and purpose of use. Their dual functioning makes them truly unique as they can be pulled up to your knees and be used as boot socks or even slouched down around your ankle as a scrunch sock for the ultimate cozy feeling that is unparalleled. The expanding top is also great for those who suffer from circulation problems in the legs, such as diabetes, edema, etc. They even make great thermal socks. No ordinary sock can provide this level of versatility and comfort.

Different ways you can rock slouch socks in winter

The main driving force that motivates everyone to opt for these stylish and socks for winter is their unique style and comfort. Whether you’re looking for the best winter socks for women or even the best winter socks for women or men, you can never go wrong with slouch socks. They also come in a varying array of fabrics and designs which is always intriguing and practical as they can be paired with a variety of outfits for different occasions. They can also be worn with practically any kind of footwear which just adds to the allure. Here are some of the ways you can truly rock slouch socks in winters which is why they are the best option for many in this season.

Use as legwarmers

The aesthetics and trend of leg warmers is not only super cute but also extremely cozy as they keep you warm and toasty on freezing winter mornings and nights. These socks can be pulled up to the knees and don’t have an elastic so won’t end up cutting off the blood circulation in your legs like your usual knee length socks and leg warmers do. They have a non-slip opening which is why they stay in their place even upon rigorous movement.

Layer them up!

For that ultimate retro look, you can always layer up your slouch socks. The stacked and layered look was super popular back in the 80s and looks even cooler today. You can even use different colored socks, scrunch them up when you layer them and get a nice two-tone look.

Pull them up or Slouch them

These socks are long enough to be pulled up to your knees and at the same time can be scrunched down for a cozy slouchy feel. This is what makes slouch socks so great because you can choose to pull them up or slouch them based on your mood, the occasion, your attire or even your footwear which truly speaks to the practicality and comfort they deliver.

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