Sublimity® Dye Sublimation Blank Tube Socks Large (12 Pair Pack)

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Product Overview

Sublimity Brand Crew Length Tube Sock Blanks for Dye Sublimation

Size Large (Sock Size 10-13)

  • These Socks Are Made With 90% Polyester though out with 5 percent Spandex for stretch and Produce Vibrant and Clear Transfers.
  • Made without a Heel to Fit Almost Everyone, And They Are Fully Cushioned To Give Your Customers The Fit They Love And A Smooth Toe Seam To Prevent Irritation Across The Toes.
  • They Print Great And Retain Their Look And Feel To Help You Earn Customers That Will Come Back And Want More!
  • 12 Pair
  • Made in the USA!